The church of England’s vision for Education states a core desire that children will experience life in all its fullness (John 10:10) and we at Selwood, believe that we need to give all our children the chance to let their light shine.

We believe that exploring Spirituality by educating the whole child and providing full life experiences meets this desire.

Our Well-Being Ambassadors worked with our staff to develop Selwood’s definition.  It is something that teaches us about questioning, understanding and relationships: relationships with ourselves, others, the world and beyond and is an ongoing reflective journey.

Spirituality enables our children to be happy, flourish and succeed and live life in all its fullness.

Nurturing and developing Spirituality

The children encounter a range of opportunities to develop their own spiritual journey.  These opportunities are raised throughout the curriculum in order to educate the whole child.  We aim to teach the children to reflect and consider their own actions.


Spirituality at Selwood is when we: 

Reflect on past experiences, and that of others (so that we learn and grow from them and develop wisdom.) 

Become aware of the present moment (including our thoughts, feelings, achievements.) 

Explore our future dreams and ambitions (with the aim to improve our futures and the world in which we live.) 

This will enable us to gain a better understanding of ourselves, our beliefs and improve our relationships with others.   


This definition is also closely connected to our four main Christian Values – WisdomJoyHope and Community.    

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