School Uniform


We take great pride in a high standard of uniform. We know that for our children it promotes a sense of pride and belonging in our community. The cooperation of parents and carers to ensure that their children are wearing the correct uniform is greatly appreciated.


Our uniform consists of:


*Royal blue, V-neck jumper, with the Academy logo.


At the times this is not worn, it should be carefully folded and kept in a bag. Formal white shirt.


*Blue/gold striped tie. This can be a choice of clip-on or proper tie.


Black school trousers or skirt.


Trousers must not be cords, chinos or skinny jeans/skinny drainpipe trousers. Skirts must be knee-length. Optionally, you can wear tailored shorts (mid-knee length) or culottes (knee-length) also. Please note, lycra skirts are not permitted.


Black or white, ankle or knee-high socks. If wearing tights these must be black.


Sensible leather-type black shoes or trainers.


Must not have logos or any colour showing. Plimsolls/canvas type shoes will not be acceptable. Heels must be no more than 1in. In adverse weather, boots may be worn on the way to school and then changed upon arrival.


It is recommended that a warm, weatherproof coat should be worn if the weather warrants this.


No alternatives such as hoodies/sweatshirts or zip-up sweatshirts/fleeces please.



PE Uniform


We have a very strong sporting tradition at Selwood and offer a diverse PE Curriculum and extensive range of enrichment opportunities. Our pupils enjoy team and individual success not only within school but also across the local area and in national competitions.


Our PE Kit consists of:


Core PE Kit – All year round


These items are required as a minimum:


*PE Top – Navy/Sky Blue – with logo


*PE Shorts – Plain Navy


*PE Knee-high Sport Socks – Plain Navy


Compulsory Footwear – Pupils will require a pair of sports trainers (different from the trainer that you wear for school) and plastic/rubber studded boots.  Click here for more info


Only plastic/rubber studded boots can be used on the 3G Pitch. The studs should be of equal size and shape. Metal studs, blades or astro trainers are not permitted. Please review the poster on our website to see what is expected. We advise that you check with the school if you are unsure.


The sports trainer should provide a good grip and be cut below the ankle. High tops, daps, plimsolls or casual wear trainers are not permitted.  The sports trainer should be a different trainer to the one if chosen to wear as a day to day school shoe.



Optional PE Kit – All year round


These items can be worn if you wish to:


*PE Hoodie – Navy/Sky Blue – with logo


Due to health and safety, this is not permitted to be worn during contact Rugby lessons/ fixtures


Tracksuit Bottoms or Sports Leggings – Plain Navy


Due to health and safety, these are not permitted to be worn for Gymnastic lessons/fixtures. We strongly recommend that these are worn during the cooler months, however it is accepted that some children wish to wear these rather than shorts.


Plain White or Navy Ankle Socks – for use with tracksuit bottoms/sports leggings. Due to health and safety, trainer socks are not recommended because of the lack of protection for the ankles, especially in games such as hockey etc.





Other Optional Extras


Beanie Hat – Navy – For the winter months only


Cap – Navy – For the Summer months only


Thermal layers/skins in Plain Navy or Plain Black may be worn underneath the expected PE Kit for extra warmth if needed.



Health and Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


It is strongly recommended to use a mouth guard for hockey and rugby lessons


It is mandatory to use shin pads for football and hockey.


All jewellery (including piercings) and wristwatches must be removed for all PE lessons.


Long hair (below shoulder length) must be tied back for all PE lessons.



Showering facilities are available at Selwood. Any pupils wishing to use the showers must ask permission and bring their own towel. The use of roll-on or stick deodorants are permitted and recommended after a PE lesson but aerosol sprays are strictly not permitted.


Swimming in Year 5


Trunks or one-piece swimming costume can be worn. You must provide your own towel.

Swimming goggles and hats may be worn if you wish to.


Purchasing uniform


Our school uniform supplier are LGS, who are a local company providing uniform for Frome Schools. Uniform can be ordered and paid for through their website <https://>


Items marked with an Asterix (*) should be purchased from the local supplier LGS. All other items can be purchased from a shop of choice and must be in line with the academy uniform specifications.




General information


The only acceptable jewellery is one stud per earlobe and no other body piercings. A wristwatch may be worn also. If wearing more than is acceptable, pupils will be asked to put it in an envelope with their name on.


Hair colour should be natural, with no extreme fashion styles. No excessive bleached areas of the hair or shaved areas of the head. Long hair (below shoulder-length), must be worn up for PE and other practical lessons. Cosmetics or coloured nail varnish must not be worn please.


All items of value or sentimental value brought in to school, is strictly at the owner’s risk. We recommend that all items are clearly named.


We reserve the right to challenge variances of the above and discuss further with parents when necessary. Any pupils not adhering to the above will have items confiscated and will be expected to collect from the Compass Centre at the end of the school day.


We take great pride in our high standard of uniform. We know that for our children it promotes a sense of pride and belonging in our community. The cooperation of parents and carers to ensure that their children are wearing the correct uniform is greatly appreciated.


Lost Property


Please label everything! If an item of clothing is lost we ask you to encourage your child to make a thorough search themselves before they report it to their form tutor.


Any named property found should be returned to the owner. If any unnamed property is found it should be taken directly to the lost property container. Unnamed lost property will be kept for a term and can be viewed by parents/carers by arrangement with our receptionist. Please note no lost property is stored at Reception. 


Iron-on labels are available from Easy2name Tel: 01635 298326 https://

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