Selwood’s 3rd annual Cross Country Championships were held on the 8th and 10th of March.

The events took place at lunchtime and participation is completely voluntary, however, every runner who complete the course scores a point for their tutor groups interform total.

This year saw a record number of pupils taking part, 480 pupils to be exact! This completely smashed the previous record of 167!

It was also the first year the staff and teachers could also run to support the students and I am pleased to say an impressive 12 took part. An additional 25 staff also volunteered to Marshal the events.

The names of the pupils who finished first second and third in each race category are below. We are extremely proud of all pupils who took part, whether it was running the race, or supporting each other from the side lines.

It was a fantastic event which embraced our Christian values of community, hope, wisdom and joy. Pupils will find out which tutor groups won in the end of term assembly.  For more photos of the events, see our website.

Year 5                                                               Year 6

1st Tom E/Phoebe M                        1st Daisy K/George D

2nd Max N/Georgia A                      2nd Thea S/Max K

3rd Mathew L/Meredith H      3rd Lacey V/Alfie K


Year 7                                    Year 8

1st Chase C/Izzy H                           1st Olive L/Matt H

2nd Sonny C/Ottilie M                    2nd Ava I/Jacob E

3rd Rylie L/Lucy N                             3rd Orla N/Arthur D