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Year 5 Swimming Timetable


Swimming will take place on period 1 on both Tuesday and Thursday with Miss Phillips and Mrs Marsden in their Literacy Pathway Groups.  When swimming, the children will need to register on the play court in the morning. Then go straight to the coach (having already taken school bags indoors beforehand).


Please see below for the Literacy Pathway Group’s and dates for Year 5 Swimming 2017/2018.


Literacy Pathway  Group Dates Weeks Swimming Lessons
LC1 Tuesday 12th September – Thursday 5th October 4 weeks 8
LC2 Tuesday 10th October –

Thursday 9th November

4 weeks 8
LP1 Tuesday 14th November –

Thursday 7 December

4 weeks 8
LP2 Tuesday 12th December –

Thursday 18th January

4 weeks 8
LP3 Tuesday 23rd January –

Thursday 23rd February

4 weeks 8
LP4 Tuesday 27th February –

Thursday 22nd March

4 weeks 8
LF1 Thursday 10th April – Thursday 3rd May 4 weeks 8


At the end of the swimming block rotations from Tuesday 8th May – Thursday 19th July. There will be a remaining total of 10 weeks/10 Lessons in the swimming pool. This would be dedicated to the selected students that have not achieved their 25m to attend an additional intensive course on top of the above.


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