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Whole School


Mrs J Hopegood – Headteacher*
Mr A Broad – Deputy Headteacher*
Mrs L Steward – Assistant Heateacher (Pastoral)*
Mr A Ellett – Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)*

Mrs K Atkinson-Davies – English Teacher
Mr M Beresford – Year 5 Teacher
Mr P Brook – Science Teacher
Miss E Caldwell – English teacher
Miss A Corré – Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs H Crump – Head of English*
Mrs S Farrell – Maths Teacher
Mrs F Hughes – English Teacher/Head of Year 7*
Miss R Hill – Science Teacher/Head of Year 6 *
Miss J Howell – Head of R&P
Mrs C Ibbitson – Year 5 Teacher
Mrs E Jordan – Head of Art
Ms J Key – PDT Teacher
Mrs L Lawyer – Head of Maths
Miss J Linton – Head of Year 5*
Mr C Owen – Head of PE
Mr A Pack – ICT Teacher
Miss L Phillips – PE Teacher
Mr C Pipe – Year 5 Teacher
Mrs C Pitts – Modern Foreign Language Teacher
Mr J Prouse – Year 5 Teacher/Assistant Pastoral Team Leader/Deputy Child Protection Officer KS2
Mrs M Richards – Year 5 Teacher (shared post)
Mr K Ross – Head of Drama
Mr R Sage – Head of Humanities
Mr F Sharp – Head of Year 8/Part-time PE Teacher
Mr T Simmons – Year 5 Teacher
Mrs K Simpson – Head of Music
Ms A Travers – Geography/Science Teacher
Mr S Wilkie – Head of Science
Mrs J Yoell – Year 5 Teacher


Mrs M Bailey – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss C Barton – Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Ms T Brawn – Teaching Assistant
Ms I Davis – Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Dredge – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Gale – Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Guy – Parent Support Advisor
Mrs S Henderson – Senior Teaching Assistant
Miss J Kay – Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Kempshall – Parent Family Support Advisor
Mrs K Lintern – Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Marden – Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Marsh – Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Pearce – Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Rees – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Sheldon – Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Tarbuck – Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Willis – Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Witcombe – Family Support Practitioner


Mrs N Morgan-Nash – Teacher in Charge
Mrs L McCarthy – Teaching Assistant
Ms M Norris – Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Angell – Kitchen Meals Staff
Mrs W Barnes-Charles – Heads PA/HR Admin Manager
Mrs P Bennett – Cleaner
Ms S Bentley – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Bishop – Cleaner/Transport Supervisor
Mrs M Bottle – ICT Technician/Website
Mr G Brooks – Premises Technician
Miss I Brown – Food Tech/Textiles/Art Technician
Mrs T Castle – Cleaner
Mrs J Chalker – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Davidson – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Dutkowska – Cleaner
Mrs Y Ellis – School Crossing Patrol
Miss J Glover – Cleaner
Miss D Haberfield – Cleaner & Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs E Hardy – Clerk to Governors
Mrs M Hylands – Resource Centre Assistant
Mr A Johnston – Cover Supervisor
Mrs S King – P/T Receptionist
Mrs J Larman – Administrative Assistant
Miss S Layfield – Attendance Officer/Pupil Support
Mrs T Lemon – Data Manager
Mr T McPherson – Premises Technician
Mrs E Milton – Finance Officer
Miss T Moon – Kitchen Meals Staff
Mrs S Newbery – Administrative Assistant
Miss N Parfitt – SEND Administrator
Mrs R Parker – Cover Supervisor
Mrs N Patterson – Cover Supervisor
Mr L Price – Curriculum Support Technician
Miss M Singer – Business Manager*
Mrs S Thomas – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Thorne – Finance Assistant
Mrs S Widlinski – P/T Receptionist
Mrs J Wingrove – PDT Technician

*Senior Management Team


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