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The Communication Base

cb2Our Aim

The aim of the Communication Base is to provide an environment in which pupils with Autism and or communication needs can gain skills, confidence and independence to enable them to fulfil their highest potential in all aspects of life – academic, social and personal. This requires responding to the individual and often disparate needs of the pupils in a sensitive and flexible manner to enable them to be prepared for independent adulthood.

The base-placed pupils are supported in mainstream classrooms according to their needs. They are encouraged to participate in all activities and are encouraged to reach the highest standards of work that they are capable of. The balance between dependence and independence is a constant consideration.

Withdrawal from lessons for work in the CB

Pupils are withdrawn from some lessons to work in the base. The pupils work on their targets, one to one, or in small groups with the base teacher and/or teaching assistants.

 Trips and Celebration

Base pupils have the opportunity to go out of school on shopping trips for confidence building, trips to museums or art exhibitions, visits to secondary schools, educational and social trips. Examples of these have been trips to Bristol, Weymouth, Kilve court residential and the Forest of Dean residential trip. Base pupils are also widely encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities as much as possible.

Transition into the Communication Base

The Communication Base staff make opportunities to visit pupils in the term before entry. The pupils visit the Communication Base usually several times and information booklets are produced with photographs and lots of useful information which the transferring pupil can look at for reassurance For a Communication Base place the child requires an EHC plan or Statement.

Joint working with Parents and Carers

Building and maintaining good communication with parents is central to our work with pupils. The views of parents and pupils are valued and considered when planning strategies and work. Close liaison is essential for our pupils, who often have difficulty with their organisational skills and need coordinated support.


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