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Teaching Staff -Year and Tutor Group


SENCO:  Mrs L Steward  

Teacher in charge of Autism & Communication Base:  Mrs N Morgan-Nash

Year 5

Year 6

Miss J Linton  (Head of Year) Miss R Hill (Head of Year)
5F   Mr C Pipe 6F   Mrs L Lawyer
5R   Mr J Prouse  6R   Mr P Brook 
5M  Mrs C Ibbitson/Mrs E Jordan 6M   Mrs H Crump     
5E   Mrs J Yoell  6E   Miss L Phillips
5S   Mr M Beresford 6S   Mrs C Pitts
5L   Mrs M Richards     6L   Mr K Ross      
5W  Mr T Simmons

Year 7

Year 8

Mrs F Hughes  (Head of Year)

Mr F Sharp  (Head of Year)

7F   Mrs K Atkinson-Davies/Miss E Caldwell 8F   Miss A Corre
7R   Ms A Travers 8R   Mr A Pack
7M   Mr S Wilkie 8M   TBC
7E   Miss J Howell 8E   Mr R Sage
7S   Mr C Owen 8S   Mrs K Simpson
  8L    Mrs S Farrell


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