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At Selwood we believe Mathematics teaches an essential set of skills for all pupils. As well as ensuring a firm grounding in numeracy, mathematics promotes logical thinking, problem solving, accuracy, and the abilities to reason, analyse and handle abstract concepts.

The mathematics skills pupils learn at Selwood set the foundation for future learning including the all-important C grade (or above) at GCSE which is the gateway to many further education and employment opportunities.

We recognise that there is a wide range of ability and achievement in children’s mathematics. Pupils are streamed in all year groups to ensure the curriculum is appropriate for their level and enables them to progress at their own pace. All pupils benefit from lessons delivered by a team of specialist mathematics teachers. It is our aim that by the time pupils leave Selwood they will feel confident and happy working at, or above, the national expectation for their age in mathematics.

More able mathematicians enjoy the pace and challenge of a higher group. They learn the same basic numeracy as everyone else but with more complex numbers and contexts. Abstract concepts such as algebra are taught at a higher level and pupils are stretched to achieve their maximum. We are delighted that every year a good number of pupils finish Year 8 with Level 8 putting them strongly on course for A* at GCSE.

We are very proud of the achievements of all Selwood pupils and work with commitment and enthusiasm.


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