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Our core mission of our department is to make history accessible and attractive to all pupils so that they continue to engage with history once they leave and to create a lifelong love of the subject. We use a variety of teaching methods to achieve this and we pride ourselves on the positive ethos which we have worked hard to build up. We also put great emphasis on extra-curricular work such as trips and clubs in a further attempt to bring the subject to life.

We run an enquiry based curriculum that allows our pupils to develop the key skills necessary for GCSE and A-Level.

The major features of our curriculum in the scheme of learning document – to view it, click here.

Key Stage 3

Our overall approach to KS3 History is to study British History chronologically from the Medieval period up until the 20th century. As well as some international depth studies such as ‘The creation of the Islamic Empire’ and ‘Who were the Mughals?’

In Year 7 we study British history from 1066 to 1666. To enhance the curriculum we run a trip to Chepstow Castle.

In Year 8 students again focus on British history looking at ‘why Britain became involved in the Slave Trade’. A short course on ‘Britain and the Modern World’ which gives context to life in 1900 Edwardian Britain; this prepares pupils for our depth study on the ‘First World War’ in term 4.

In Terms 5 and 6 we look at ‘life in Nazi Germany’ and undertake a depth study on ‘how should we remember the Holocaust?’ Which we teach thoroughly and sensitively.

To enhance our curriculum we run a trip to London Imperial War Museum to study exhibitions on the First World War, Life in Nazi Germany and The Holocaust.


Selwood History Department


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Mr R Sage
Head of History

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