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Governing Body

Welcome to the Governing Body Section

Selwood Academy is a charitable company limited by guarantee.

The Governing Body

The Governing Body is made up of 16 Governors, made up as follows – 4 Foundation Governors, 4 Community Governors, 5 Parent Governors and 3 Staff Governors (including the Headteacher).  There are currently vacancies for Parent and Community Governors – these are actively being pursued.

The ministers of the Foundation Churches Anglican and Methodist, are Ex-Officio Governors and an additional Governor is appointed by each of the Foundation Churches. Community Governors are appointed by the Governing Body. Parent and Staff Governors (other than the Headteacher) are elected by the School. Where no nominations are received the Governing Body can appoint an alternative representative from the local community.

Academy Trust

The Academy Trust is made up of the Chair and Vice Chair of Governors, 2 Foundation Governors and 4 further Governors. The Trust meets each year and the Members have overall responsibility for the Academy.


The Governing Body provides strategic leadership of the School and is responsible for meeting financial, legal and statutory requirements of the Academy. Governors ensure school improvement is central to their work and monitor progress in line with school improvement priorities. The aim is to fulfil the aspirations of the local community to provide a first class education with the highest quality of teaching and learning, whilst promoting the Christian ethos of Selwood Academy as an Anglican / Methodist Middle School.

The School maintains regular liaison with our partner schools as part of Frome Learning Partnership (FLP).

Committee Structure

There are two full committees, ‘Resources’ and ‘Teaching and Learning’. The Resources Committee oversees Academy staffing and finance. The Teaching and Learning committee monitors the curriculum, achievement and pupil progress. There is also an Governor Executive Group which meets to assist the Chair to identify priorities and ensure statutory duties and obligations are met. The Committee structure was revised in 2014.


The Full Governing Body meets 6 times a year and the committees meet as required. Meeting times are as follows: Full Governing Body – Thursdays 6pm, Resources Committee – Tuesdays 8:45am, Teaching and Learning Committee – Thursdays, 5pm.  The GEG meets as required by the Chair but approximately 4 times a year.


Members of the Governing Body can be contacted via Mrs E Hardy, Clerk to Governors by emailing:

Copies of agendas, signed copies of minutes and policies are available on request.


Mr C Bailey-Green
Chair of Governors


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