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Geography is taught throughout the school.  The method of delivery varies according to Year group.

In Year 5 the subject is largely taught by class teachers within topics.

In Year 6 the classes are taught by Mrs L Thompson, Mrs J Yoell and Mr P Brook and receive one lesson of 1 hour each week.

The year 7 and 8 classes are taught by Mrs E Kinnie and 1 lesson in Year 7 by Mrs J Key.In Year 7 the pupils have two 1-hour lessons each week. In Year 8 the pupils have 3 lessons in a fortnight.

The Year 8 classes are setted in order to:

  1. Allow class teaching techniques to be effective.
  2. Differentiate by pace.
  3. Permit efficient deployment of Teaching Assistants and Communication Base staff.
  4. Facilitate the setting of appropriate goals to classes and individual pupils.

Setting takes place from the start of Year 8 and is based on a wide range of performance and potential indicators.

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