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You will be aware that the internet hosts many exciting opportunities for education and recreation. The online world is a wonderful place for young people to explore, with unprecedented opportunities for learning and creativity, but just like the real world there are risks and dangers they should be aware of and which we should all act to protect them from.

As a school we encourage the use of technology as an important part of our pupils’ development, but we always want them to spend their time online safely. As a parent/carer you can play a significant part in ensuring this.

There is a lot that you can do to help keep your child safe and give them the awareness to know what to do if they feel uncomfortable about anything they encounter whilst on the internet.

If you do not wish for your child to be able to access any inappropriate content online, please ensure that their computers, laptops and other devices with internet access (mobile phones, e-readers, games consoles, etc.) are all fitted with parental controls.

You can find free downloadable versions online or you can contact your internet service provider (such as BT, Talk Talk, Sky) for more information.

As a minimum, you should set parental controls on your search engines, youtube account and the mobile phone your child uses.

One of the most popular search engines in the world is Google. You can visit Google’s informative safety centre for simple step by step guides:


Get to know CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency).

  • This is an organisation which works across the UK tackling child sex abuse and providing information for parents, young people and children about how to stay safe online.  They provide excellent information and resources for parents and advice about what to do should you have any concerns.
  • See CEOP’s helpsheet:  “Keeping your child safe online.  A checklist for parents and carers
  • Come along to “Online Safety” information sessions held at school throughout the year.


For more information about this subject, please contact Miss Simmonds (Deputy Headteacher).

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