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Curriculum Statement

It is an exciting time to be in education as we are living in an era of fundamental change in learning.   There was a time when it was believed that the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum alone, was enough to equip pupils for their future lives.  Now, however, it is essential to provide pupils of all abilities and backgrounds with the habits, skills and confidence to learn and constructively question in order to further develop their learning, throughout their lives.  We need to encourage and enable our pupils to play a much more active role in their own learning and to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life, so that they can grow and  thrive in any situation.


The Globalisation of today’s society brings advantages and disadvantages to those who live and work in it. In order to benefit from the positive impact of our ever shrinking world and to minimise the negative impact for ourselves and future generations, society needs informed, independent, highly skilled and flexible learners, employees, employers and citizens. All pupils who pass through the doors of Selwood Academy, whether they choose to remain in Frome for the rest of their lives or whether they move further afield, will be part of that society.  We therefore have an obligation and responsibility not just to meet the learning needs of all pupils, but to also  promote their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development.  They need to be fully prepared  not just for their own futures, but for their role in becoming the caretakers of the World for the generations that come after them.


I am confident that with the support and help of staff, pupils, parents and the wider Selwood Community, we can continue to make great strides towards achieving the highest possible standards of teaching, learning and care to best equip our pupils for their current and future lives. Our philosophy at Selwood Academy is   “Each child is my child” and we will therefore strive to provide the very best provision for all.


N Simmonds – Deputy Headteacher

 017 Selwood Academy 2ndJune2015

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