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selwood academy receptionWelcome to Selwood Academy.  Deciding where your child will be educated is an important choice and we hope this website will help to inform that choice.

Please feel free to join one of our organised school visits if you are thinking about the next stage in your child’s education or alternatively contact the school to arrange to visit us independently. We will arrange for a Year 8 Ambassador to show you around and please feel free to ask anything you like.




Selwood is a large middle school, around 700 pupils, but we work hard at trying to maintain a friendly and familial atmosphere. Together we aim to provide the richest possible learning experience for young people in the school. I want pupils to enjoy achievement at the highest possible standard. The school staff have an obvious role to play if that is going to happen but education is a partnership. High achievement only happens when the young people invest their best effort and receive wholehearted support within the home environment. Together I believe we can produce the highest levels of success for our young people.
Another group of people within the partnership are the school’s governors. Selwood is an Anglican/Methodist school. We are, in fact, the ONLY Anglican Methodist Middle School in the country. That means that the school governors include a number of people from those two church groups and that the atmosphere and culture within the school reflects Christian ideals. That is not to say that only children from Christian families can attend the school: we embrace children of all faiths and of none, but expect them to work with us to make the school reflect those standards and attitudes which make the place so much more pleasant.
grounds1Our approach is “Each child is my child” and we sincerely strive to ensure each child feels valued, listened to and encouraged to be happy, polite, and successful.

As partners in education parents are always welcome at Selwood to discuss children’s needs, progress and hopefully only occasional problems. We want to provide the best opportunity for your child to succeed – we want your help and support in achieving that desire.


Mrs Jean Hopegood

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